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If you are suddenly feeling naked, you could try and snag up a shirt of mine before you get too cold. I designed this for Bicycle Times a while back, but it looks like it is on SUPER SALE right now.

$7.99 for a really (in my humble opinion) cool shirt. THAT IS UNHEARD OF.


The shirts are super soft too, and now that I think about it, I have been missing mine for some time. Time to go look for it!

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Here are a few photos of myself and Julia Green teaching a girl scout troup about making comics as well as a quick comic I made to illustrate making quick comics. It was pretty fun and the girls came up with some cool stuff. 

Hey lookit this! I didn’t realize how cool some Girl Scout badges are! James Lloyd and I got to teach a group of Girl Scouts about comic books to help them earn their Comic Book badge! There were some pretty silly comics featuring cats, Rastafarian pigs, and really sad trees.

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I finished this quite a while ago and forgot to share with with everyone. I was really fortunate this year to get asked to do the poster for Hyde Park Street Fair. Everyone in Boise awaits this event every end of summer. It’s a whole lot of fun and has warped and grown a lot in the last 35 years.

I based the design off of what the street fair used to look like, and the iconic signs that partially still exist in Hyde Park.

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A gig poster for a show coming up real quick! It is at one of the coolest and weirdest places in Boise, the El Korah Shrine—the gathering place of Boise Shriners. The building has been occupied for ever and they have the COOLEST neon sign that hangs in front of the stage. It’s also massive, and in the basement is a bar where you get served by old men shriners who make grandpa jokes at you.

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